Construction companies have not yet internalized the importance of waterproofing in construction projects.

The importance of waterproofing lies in the fact that it generates a protection insurance against the unwanted effects that water or humidity, in its various forms, can cause in buildings or civil works.

If the waterproofing is taken into account from the moment a project is generated and if it is well done, it should not involve more than
2% of the total cost of the work. However, this value can increase dramatically if this factor is not considered from the beginning. The problem is that many of the current constructions try to save on important items such as waterproofing, since in general they are expensive items, and opt for non-definitive solutions that over the years generate serious problems for the owners, and a Once you have leaks, locating them becomes a complex job and the solution always costs a little more; a bad waterproofing in the construction of buildings for houses could mean future after-sales problems that would imply values ​​that oscillate between 3% and 10% of the cost of the project.

“IMPES, multinational leaders in waterproofing, with its advanced Duoflex® technology, indicates that certain important conditions must be assessed when choosing a system”

In general, the professionals of the construction companies have knowledge in accordance with the experiences acquired in the execution of their projects. However, this is not enough, since they do not go deep enough to know the application processes of each waterproofing system, with its advantages and disadvantages, which sometimes leads them to make decisions based only on the costs of each offer and not on their technical convenience.
In relation to this, it is necessary to add that the waterproofing coating must also have the ability to tolerate movements of the substrate to prevent it from being exposed to the ingress of water.
In the case of the advanced Duoflex® technology, the system has an expansion and contraction nature that will not be found in any other system on the market, more than 2000% elongation guarantees that the formation of certain cracks of a dynamic nature, with the temperatures changing weather conditions and in turn with thermal variations within the same day. be able to withstand these movements, and its behavior is the closest thing to a spring that stretches when the crack expands and returns to its initial dimensions once the crack contracts.
Also, professionals should think about the effectiveness of installation when choosing a waterproofing system, pre-manufactured systems such as traditional asphalt sheets or the most recent TPO or PVC sheets, are systems where the waterproofing film must be generated by overlapping a roll to another roll, this generates non-continuous systems and with a non-uniform film that generates more possible points of unwanted water entry unlike a liquid membrane that is applied as is the case with Duoflex® in a continuous and free way of overlaps, allowing not only effectiveness but also higher performance and delivery performance.

Among other waterproofing systems, there are others in the cold application market, such as polyurethanes which are extracted directly from the container and applied to the dry surface, however IMPES, as the manufacturer of the advanced technology Duoflex® offers a plus additional since it generates film with variable thicknesses between 3 to 6 mm, being the most offered 4mm where by the amount of product applied per square meter it generates a waterproofing system with much more body and considerable resistance.
In addition to these conditions, in Colombia and Latin America in general we must assess the climatic conditions that we have and consider that throughout the national territory we can almost generalize a very tropical, rainy climate, with extreme temperature deltas on the same day and obviously a very humid environment, that is why with solvent-based systems such as polyureas and polyurethanes, special care must be taken in preparing the substrate because it is not an easy task to guarantee that there is less than 4% humidity to For these solvent-based products to generate a continuous and uniform adhesion, this condition also applies to traditional asphalt mantle systems, unlike Duoflex ® which, as it is water-based, has a significant insensitivity to humidity, allowing installation in these conditions.
To conclude, this is what “IMPES” is betting on, its advanced technology Duoflex® is a system with exceptional properties and a unique formulation that combats the main causes of the deficiencies of current waterproofing systems in terms of adhesion, elasticity, continuity, productivity, ability to be applied on wet, resistance, durability, effectiveness when applied and last but not least, being friendly to the environment and to the applicator or user.
Regarding the various waterproofing systems that may exist, we leave you with the following reflection: “waterproofing is very important and leaving it in inexperienced hands or poor systems can cause unnecessary losses.”

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